When someone has been told that they have bone on bone, severe arthritis, a degenerated joint or that cartilage has been worn away and that the only thing left is to have their joint replaced, they now have another option.  Stem cells have the potential to regenerate into any type of body tissue. Their use in regenerative medicine is growing in popularity in the medical word as an alternative to invasive orthopedic surgeries including total joint replacement.  The remarkable thing about stem cells is the fact that when you inject them into a specific area of the body, they know what kinds of cells your body needs – for example, meniscus cells or cartilage cells.
Darryl Willoughby attended UCLA graduating in 1988 with a B.S Degree in Psychobiology. Dr. Willoughby then fulfilled his lifelong dream by becoming a doctor. He attended the DREW/UCLA School of Medicine. While in medical school, Dr. Willoughby undertook a one year research fellowship at the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology in the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology. After the completion of Medical School, Dr. Willoughby did a one year surgical internship at USC Surgical Residency Program prior to completing a five year orthopedic residency at the Martin Luther King-Charles Drew Orthopedic Residency Program. Dr. Willoughby then did specialized fellowship training in Sports Medicine and Foot & Ankle at the West Coast Center for Sports Medicine.

Dr. Willoughby is now in private practice with the California Orthopedic Institute specializing in Sports Medicine, Foot & Ankle and Trauma.