A virtual consultation with Dr. Chen provides an opportunity for you to receive a Second Opinion on any prior diagnosis you may have received from another medical professional. During this process, which can take place via phone or on Skype, the doctor will have a discussion with you and engage in a question and answer session.  The purpose of this virtual consultation is to gather information including symptoms and any prior diagnoses, examine your condition, and discuss potential treatments.  Those can include potential remedies for your hand or wrist condition such as surgical treatment options, medications, and non-surgical treatment options.

Many patients with hand and wrist injuries and disorders travel long distances to Los Angeles to receive treatment or Second Opinions by Dr. Gary Chen.  However, Dr. Chen recognizes the difficulty and expense of travel, time away from work and family and as a result brings you the next best thing is an online medical second opinion.Why Should You Bother With a Second Opinion? Conditions that may require second opinions are usually complicated and poorly understood. If you seek a second opinion, find a doctor who specializes in the condition. There may be a number of benefits to getting a second opinion, including:  Having a better understanding of your condition:

  • Getting your questions answered
  • Removing any doubts
  • Helping you to weigh the benefits and risks of the recommended treatment options
  • Helping you to make an informed, educated decision as to what treatment is best for you

Because medicine is not an exact science and many conditions can mimic the symptoms of other conditions, diagnosis can be difficult. As a result, getting a second opinion can be help make certain that the original diagnosis is correct.

Minimally Invasive Outpatient Procedures
Dr. Chen will recommend nonsurgical treatments whenever possible. Many orthopedic problems can be treated without surgery using a combination of medication and physical therapy. However, if the best option for you is surgery, we can offer you minimally invasive outpatient procedures. Some of the most common procedures we perform include arthroscopic surgery, minimally invasive joint replacement surgery, minimally invasive back surgery, and trigger point injections.  Further, Dr. Chen’s compassionate professional staff is dedicated to providing you with unsurpassed service, support, and education each step of the way for a seamless continuum of care.

California Orthopedic Institute can provide you with an expert medical opinion with a world renowned expert in all bone and joint injuries from the comfort of your own home.

Why seek a second opinion for hand and wrist problems?

  • Hand and wrist problems are frequently misdiagnosed or under diagnosed
  • Not getting well with current treatment
  • Doctor not communicating well
  • Not sure if the treatment you are getting is the correct treatment
  • Want peace of mind you are heading down the right path
  • No access to a specialist where you live
  • Limited by insurance as to who you can receive treatment from